Anglican Morning Devotion, 20 June 2021 A.D.
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The just man walketh in his integrity: his children are blessed after him.” Proverbs 20:7 (KJV)


To my friends far and wide

I’ll try to describe

The one who was father to me.

Though you may not have known,

He was made out of stone,

But his heart was as big as the sea.


All father’s alike

Are willing to fight

For the love of their children alone

But the world little knows

Of the hardships they chose

To provide for their children at home.


My dad was a man

Who lived on the land

That virtue and courage had bought.

He made up the hedge

And stood on his pledge

And with courage he lived as he aught.


A man of few words,

But his manhood was heard

By all of his family and friends

When he stood in the line

In winter’s cold clime

And fought in the Forest Ardennes.


His time has gone by

But no need now to cry

Of the loss of a man such as he.

He stood by his oath,

Of self-pride was he loathe,

A knight of the Temple to me.


He read every book

From his shelf that he took

And shared many mysteries with me.

But his Bible was best

And was first on his desk

As he opened my young eyes to see.


You may not discern

From his way strict and stern

Of the love that he held for his Lord,

But by thought, word, and deed

He stood by his Creed

And lived by his love – not the sword.
©J.Ogles 2018

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