The Five Solas

Bishop Jerry Ogles – Newest Book Out

Contemplations On the Ways Of The Lord

Bishop Jerry Ogles

Listen to an audio excerpt of the story Winter Quarters on page 70

Available for $12.00
Shipping and handling included
Contact The AOC National Office at if interested

Walking With Jesus

Bishop Jerry Ogles 

Available for a $5.00 donation
Shipping and handling included

Just Published!

Traditional Christmas Hymns Revisited by Bishop Jerry L. Ogles

Available for a $20.00 donation (shipping and handling included) or contact the national office
Anglican Orthodox Church
PO Box 128
Statesville, NC 28687-0128
(704) 873-8365

Below is a list of recommended reading list for the Congregants, Ministers and Sunday School teachers of the AOC. Please call us at (704) 873-8365 if you would like more information about the books below.

  • The Matthew Henry Study Bible
  • Matthew Henry’s Commentary (1 Volume)
  • Matthew Henry’s Commentary (6 Volumes)
  • Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary
  • Smith’s Bible Dictionary
  • Kids’ KJV Study Bible
  • Egermiers Bible Story Book
  • The Resurrection of Jesus – B.A. Ramsbottom
  • The Crucifixion of Jesus – B. A. Ramsbottom
  • They Shall be Mine – John Tallach
  • Great Characters of the Bible – Alan Stringfellow
  • Halley’s Bible Handbook
  • Bishop J.C. Ryle – Knots Untied
  • Bishop J.C. Ryle – Holiness
  • Bishop J.C. Ryle – Old Paths
  • Bishop J.C. Ryle – Practical Religion
  • Bishop J. C. Ryle – Expository Thoughts of the Gospels (4 Vol)
  • Bishop J. C. Ryle – 5 English Reformers
  • Bishop J. C. Ryle – A Call to Prayer
  • Bishop J. C. Ryle – 39 Articles of Religion
  • Bishop J. C. Ryle – Heading for Heaven
  • Bishop J. C. Ryle – Regeneration
  • Bishop J. C. Ryle – The Duties of Parents
  • Bishop J. C. Ryle – Warning to the Church
  • Bishop J. C. Ryle – 39 Articles of Religion
  • Bishop J. C. Ryle – The Agency that Transformed a Nation
  • Bishop J. C. Ryle – Home Truths
  • Foxe’s Book of Martyrs
  • Principles of Theology – Author Griffith Thomas
  • Book of Common Prayer – 1928 (Leather)
  • The Complete Works of E.M. Bounds on PRAYER
  • Guide to Spiritual Warfare – E.M. Bounds
  • The Church in Crisis – David N. Samuel
  • In Awe of God’s Word – G.A. Riplinger
  • The New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance
  • The Greatest Thing in the World – Henry Drummond
  • Bible Doctrines Simply Explained – B.A. Ramsbottom
  • My Upmost for His Highest – Oswalt Chambers
  • In His Steps – Charles Sheldon
  • Bible Promise Book