Reason For Hope

Bishop Ogles has written a book just for our times.

If you are interested in purchasing a hard copy please email us at, Or you can download a pdf of the book for your use at will. We think this book will be most helpful to all who read and need to know that Jesus is our Great HOPE

The Five Solas

Bishop Jerry Ogles 

Contemplations On the Ways Of The Lord

Bishop Jerry Ogles

Listen to an audio excerpt of the story Winter Quarters on page 70

Available for $12.00
Shipping and handling included
Contact The AOC National Office at if interested

Walking With Jesus

Bishop Jerry Ogles 

Available for a $5.00 donation
Shipping and handling included

Just Published!

Traditional Christmas Hymns Revisited by Bishop Jerry L. Ogles

Available for a $20.00 donation (shipping and handling included) or contact the national office
Anglican Orthodox Church
PO Box 128
Statesville, NC 28687-0128
(704) 873-8365

Below is a list of recommended reading list for the Congregants, Ministers and Sunday School teachers of the AOC. Please call us at (704) 873-8365 if you would like more information about the books below.

  • The Matthew Henry Study Bible
  • Matthew Henry’s Commentary (1 Volume)
  • Matthew Henry’s Commentary (6 Volumes)
  • Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary
  • Smith’s Bible Dictionary
  • Kids’ KJV Study Bible
  • Egermiers Bible Story Book
  • The Resurrection of Jesus – B.A. Ramsbottom
  • The Crucifixion of Jesus – B. A. Ramsbottom
  • They Shall be Mine – John Tallach
  • Great Characters of the Bible – Alan Stringfellow
  • Halley’s Bible Handbook
  • Bishop J.C. Ryle – Knots Untied
  • Bishop J.C. Ryle – Holiness
  • Bishop J.C. Ryle – Old Paths
  • Bishop J.C. Ryle – Practical Religion
  • Bishop J. C. Ryle – Expository Thoughts of the Gospels (4 Vol)
  • Bishop J. C. Ryle – 5 English Reformers
  • Bishop J. C. Ryle – A Call to Prayer
  • Bishop J. C. Ryle – 39 Articles of Religion
  • Bishop J. C. Ryle – Heading for Heaven
  • Bishop J. C. Ryle – Regeneration
  • Bishop J. C. Ryle – The Duties of Parents
  • Bishop J. C. Ryle – Warning to the Church
  • Bishop J. C. Ryle – 39 Articles of Religion
  • Bishop J. C. Ryle – The Agency that Transformed a Nation
  • Bishop J. C. Ryle – Home Truths
  • Foxe’s Book of Martyrs
  • Principles of Theology – Author Griffith Thomas
  • Book of Common Prayer – 1928 (Leather)
  • The Complete Works of E.M. Bounds on PRAYER
  • Guide to Spiritual Warfare – E.M. Bounds
  • The Church in Crisis – David N. Samuel
  • In Awe of God’s Word – G.A. Riplinger
  • The New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance
  • The Greatest Thing in the World – Henry Drummond
  • Bible Doctrines Simply Explained – B.A. Ramsbottom
  • My Upmost for His Highest – Oswalt Chambers
  • In His Steps – Charles Sheldon
  • Bible Promise Book