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Solomon Islands

The Mission of the Anglican Orthodox Church of the Solomon Islands (AOCSI) is for all baptized Leaders and People of AOCSI to bear witness of The Word of God where they are (i.e. beginning from Jerusalem) and to the uttermost part of the World. So that the world may not just be saved of their souls from error but that may return to their first love of their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. (With particular reference to combating ignorance which isthe source of error as oppose to the True Church build by Jesus Christ)

The Most Rev. Zezphaniah Legumana, Presiding Bishop

The Most Rev. Zephaniah Legumana, The Rt. Rev. Mostyn Prana and the Clergy of the AOC Solomon Islands

Bishop Zephaniah Legumana, Chief Stanley Vuhamana, Secretary to the AOC House of Chiefs and all the Chiefs of AOC Melanesia