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The Rt. Rev. Dr. Igor Djurcik Bishop Of Serbia, Macedonia and South East Europe

The Rev. Miroslav Crvenka

Slavisa Stanic Lay Reader with The Rt. Rev. Igor Djurcik

St. Timothy – Theological Academy

Novi Sad, R. Serbia

Dean Bishop, Dr. Igor Djurcik, PhD

First Graduating Class, Instructors and Administrators – Fall 2018

Theological Academy “St. Timothy”

St, Timothy’s Academy founded in 2014 as theological institution for education of clergy.  Since its onset, we had two generations of students, which most work in the Church mission. Theological Academy “St. Timothy” is a religious school that offers a possibility for educating, shaping and preparing men into the priesthood and church services). The purpose of TA is to serve the church in all branches of Christianity, especially in Protestant family, by preparing its leaders, with a priority on priest, pastors, and including missionaries, educators, counselors, and others through a program of theological education on the graduate level. This program shall be characterized by Biblical fidelity, confessional integrity, and academic excellence, and committed to the promotion of the spiritual growth of the students.

The Academy is meant to educate future pastors within the Anglican Orthodox Church in Serbia (HPEC), therefore everyone interested, no matter which denomination they belong to are guaranteed a quality education, with great professors who can inspire students, create a comfortable learning environment and provide an adequate model of practice, suited for challenges within the Church in XXI Century.

By studying on Theological Academy, you are getting a competency which will help you respond to the Contemporary World  with immense knowledge, respect, and great interpersonal communication skills.

With that said, students shall be empowered and trained to:

  • Conceive plans for further development of the Church in the modern World.
  • Manage church administration.
  • Implement IT knowledge and new achievements into the Church mission work community on the most successful way possible.
  • Preparing and presenting Preachings.
  • Modern analytical approach to Biblical texts (hermeneutical and exegetical analysis).
  • Bible study – This study Bible offers a glimpse into how real people lived their lives in ancient times, giving a “behind-the-scenes” look at the traditions, historical events, and other influences that shaped the biblical texts.
  • Use of interdisciplinary knowledge into strategic leadership and interaction with wide community network.
  • Follow of contemporary theological tendencies and trends.


Studies within the Academy can be attended as an extension student combined with occasional lectures. Extension studies are developed so that the students who are not able to attend the program every day, can do it periodically within the length of semester, i.e. Academic year. Remote studying is realized by attending lectures over the internet, i.e. mentored research of lectures, consultative conversations, coping obligations after the established schedule within the semester and passing the exams, and all of that in the Serbian or English language.


Theological Academy “St. Timothy” is a religious school within the Christian Protestant Episcopal Church in Serbia, which is under the jurisdiction of Anglican Orthodox Church, and it does not have traditional accreditation system of their programs. Theological Academy is meant for educating the students who will acquire pragmatic knowledge and competency for work within the mentioned religious community or similar church communities in the capacity of church officials. Acquired diploma at the end of the studies is recognized by the Anglican Orthodox Church community, Latimer Hall School of Divinity, Theological faculty “Sola Fide” from Novi Sad, Protestant educational society from Zagreb and Faith Theological Seminary, Gujranwala -, Pakistan, who grant their affiliation to study programs.


We conduct 4 study programs onto 3 levels of vocational studies, as well as 2 programs for Lay Readers and Laic, after which the students get the certificate.

  • Certificate program for Lay Reader (One Year)
  • Certificate program for Laic (One Year)-

/Bible Manuscript & Textual evidence/

  • Basic Vocational studies (Three Years)
  • Master of Divinity (Two Years)
  • Master of Christian Education (Two Years)
  • Doktor of Ministry (Three Years)

We are preparing two new programs:

  1. One year training for Spiritual coach
  2. Acreditation program: Specialist study in Supportive and spiritual counseling

Second – Generation (2018)

Our contact:

Address: Pavla Papa 5, Novi Sad, R. Serbia

Mob.: +381 61/627-49-04