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United States of America

The mission of the Anglican Orthodox Church and its ministers is set on building a Christian world for you, your children, your grandchildren, and your posterity yet unborn. Moreover, the Anglican Orthodox Church helps build a Christian America by exposing evil and preaching the Gospel. The Anglican Orthodox Church focuses worship on God as He Commanded. The Bible makes it plain that individuals cannot come before God in their own right but only through Him.

Presiding Bishop Jerry L. Ogles, Metropolitan

Bishop Charles Morley, Alabama

Bishop Roy Morales-Kuhn, Bishop of the Mid-West

Rev. James Cavanah, Georgia

Rev. Bryan Dabney, Mississippi

Rev. Don Fultz, North Carolina

Rev. Ken Johnson, North Carolina

Bishop Dennis Campbell, Bishop at Large

Rev. Roger Jessus, Virginia

The Rt. Rev. James Flanagan, Pennsylvania

Rev. Hap Arnold, California

Rev. Jack Arnold, California

The Rev. Mark Carroll, Kentucky

         The Rev. Stephen Cooper, Alaska

The Most Rev. David Pressy St. George’s Anglican Church, California

The Rev. Edward Pressy, St. George’s Anglican Church California

The Rev. David McMillan – Alabama

The Rev. Scott Davis – Missouri

The Rev. Joshua Richards – Ohio