Anglican Morning Devotion for 4 May 2021 Anno Domini,
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“Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.” Prov 22:28 (KJV)

Landmarks are essential in designating property lines, state borders, national boundaries, and important events to be memorialized. Without landmarks, we would be unable determine which property is, and is not, ours. Every parcel of land purchased has markers, usually either stone or iron, to mark the four property lines surrounding the estate. If moved even a tiny amount, the property line will be compromised. If the landmark is a major one, all properties designated by it would be thrown into doubt and confusion if that Landmark were moved only inches. All subsequent boundaries would no longer be valid. It is a criminal offense to move either a major or a minor landmark.

The Bible presents us with a number of major landmarks, but the Ancient and Eternal Landmark is the Word itself. Its inspiration and authorship is that of God Himself. It is the most important Book in the history of the world. It offers hope, encouragement, chastisement and salvation to those who have believed in its iron-clad promises. Yet, in our day, men of low degree are attempting to tamper with the very words of God that have come down to the Church across the ages. It is not just the general idea of that expressed in Scripture, but the absolute truth. Every Word is precious and inspired of God. “The WORDS of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.” Psalms 12:6 – every WORD!

We observe a proliferation of ‘new’ bibles in our day that challenge the textual manuscript evidence – the Masoretic and Received Text – used by the great Reformers in re-establishing faith based on the Word of God and not the ‘opinions’ of man. Their new versions assert the values of the world and its political inclinations over those of the Holy Bible. They omit entire verses and contradict the Greek translations that were made by men of ten times greater academic credentials and who, as well, were willing to lay down their lives in defense of the Word of God. Profit from God’s Word was never a concern to them. The Word belonged to God, not the copyright holder of the new versions. The new bibles attempt to justify sins that God has condemned – the sacrifice of innocent life, for example, by means of abortion. Even the first institution God created of marriage between one man and one woman has been denied by many of the newer versions. Do we trust these unscrupulous scoundrels, or do we trust the Ancient Landmark which God has declared He will preserve forever?

I am amazed at the number of educated and intelligent friends I have who would die to defend a single line of the U.S. Constitution, believing every word sacrosanct and yet, will accept without question the numerous emendations of the very Word of God in modern versions. We see how the Federal judiciary has turned the U.S. Constitution on its head in their attempt to manipulate its meaning to satisfy the whims of a declining social order. Do we believe this cannot happen to the Holy Bible if Christian men and women stand idle while such abominations are taking place?

To change a single word of the Holy Bible is to exalt man above God. Either He has preserved His Word according to His promise, or He has failed and is not God. What think ye?

If the barrel of an artillery piece is accurately fixed on a target some 3,000 meters downrange, what do you believe would happen if that barrel is realigned only two mils (a tiny value) to the right or left. The barrel will appear to be fairly aimed at the target still, but the rounds will miss the target at impact.  If we allow the social engineers to remake the Word of God – even a little – what effect do you believe that remaking will have downrange? I have shown in my earlier writings how the change of a single word in the Bible can have a devastating effect on doctrine as well as challenging the Divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Ancient Landmark must not be moved an inch, and the Word of God must remain immutable and not subject to the prideful manipulations of unfaithful theologians – best to heed the warning of Rev. 22:18-19.




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