Anglican Morning Devotion for 1 July 2021 Anno Domini
A ministry of the Anglican Orthodox Communion Worldwide

Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book?”
(Psalms 56:8)



There was no rain in Adam’s Day, but just a mist of Dew.

No drops of water bathed the earth, or marred the Garden view.


The first moist drop of water fell before that ugly tree –

It was a tear from Adam’s eye when God he could not see.


The tears of man have fallen since in trials and hurt and sorrow,

But God will count them one by one and keep them in His bottle.


The woman laden down with sin who came to Christ at Supper,

Bathed His feet with bottled tears for all that she did suffer.


No longer needed were those tears of sin that ever plagued her,

She now gave all those tears to Christ – the best she had to offer.


That bottle that once held her tears now held her faith’s devotion.

No lid would hold her love in check – her love became an ocean.


If we will give our tears to Christ, there is no point in weeping,

For in His Bottle Christ will keep our tears for future healing.


The humble maiden, flushed with shame, gave all her heart was able.

And you and I may do the same when supping at His Table.


©2014 J.Ogles

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